4 Bathroom Sink & Bath Trends for 2019

Need some inspiration for your next bathroom renovation? Here are four of the biggest sink and bath trends for 2019 to help your plans along.

  • Console sinks

A console sink is a unit supported by four freestanding legs. The space beneath the sink is open, though some console sinks have one or more shelves. This leaves the plumbing exposed. This design has the advantage of making your bathroom look larger by exposing more floor space. Plus, if your plumbing has an attractive finish and the “industrial” look suits your bathroom, it’ll look very stylish.

  • Soaking tubs

When you want to relax and “disconnect,” there’s nothing like settling into a nice, hot bath. There’s something about a stand-alone soaking tub that makes the experience that much more enjoyable. Perhaps it’s partly because they remind us of the elegant and charming Victorian bathtub. But where it differs from its predecessor is that the modern soaking tub usually comes equipped with many technologies to enhance your comfort such as a massage and waterfall systems.

  • Vessel sinks

Vessel sinks are popular in upscale restaurants and bars and are increasingly popping up in homes. Also known as a bowl sink, this sink sits directly on a countertop. Like the soaking tub, it evokes an era before indoor plumbing, when a sink was just a large basin set atop a vanity. However, they usually have a sleek, modern look.

In addition to their esthetic appeal, vessel sinks can be highly affordable to install and replace, as you only need to cut out a hole for the drain pipe.

  • Marble finishes

Using marble for the countertops, floors or walls in your bathroom isn’t a new trend, but it’s an enduring one. It’s easy to understand why. Marble’s warm, elegant look makes it a stylish option. It’s also one of the most practical ones. It’s a strong, water-resistant material that’s also easy to clean.

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