High-Pressure Drain Cleaning and Video Drain Inspection

High-Pressure Cleaning For Clogged Drains

Whether in your kitchen, bathroom or commercial property, a clogged drain is a big problem for your day-to-day life. Food, hair, soap scum, and other forms of sludge and debris can build up over time, creating a blockage in your plumbing. While chemical drain cleaners can be used in some instances, these treatments are only a quick fix. The best way to guarantee your drains will run free is by hiring Plumbing Medic Ltd. for professional, high-pressure drain cleaning in Newmarket, Lindsay, and other communities across Central Ontario and the Kawarthas.

Our Ridgid water jetting machines are designed to cut through the toughest blockages for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Not only do they use water streams of up to 3000 psi, but their multi-directional spray nozzles also ensure the jetter will restore your drain lines to their full-flowing capacity.


The first thing to do when trying to fix a clogged drain is to make sure you know what is blocking it! We offer diagnostic services designed to check your drain and then repair it. Professional video inspection is the best way to diagnose a clog and locate any bad spots, which ensures that the repair work that is done is precise and doesn’t waste your time or money. We use the industry-standard SeeSnake® from Ridgid Tools with a high dynamic range camera to help us see what is blocking your pipes.

A few of the reasons you should inspect your drains with video before cleaning are:

  • Camera inspection allows detailed evaluation of your drains and sewer lines from 2 inches to 36 inches in diameter.
  • Simply running water down the drain after grease doesn’t fix the problem; it just pushes the grease further down the line.
  • Snaking a greasy drain in order to clear it will simply make the problem worse.
  • Tree roots grow in cycles every spring and fall, and they will infiltrate your piping and cause damage.

Emergency Drain Cleaning Service

Is your toilet is overflowing because your toddler flushed something they shouldn’t have? Is your sink is completely blocked because of kitchen grease? Maybe you’ve even got a blocked sewer line! We know that when you have a plumbing emergency you can’t wait for service. That’s why we have a local plumber on-call and near your area ready to help. We should be your first call. You can rest easy because we’ll have someone on-site ASAP.

Hire a Plumber for Drain Cleaning

Some companies give you the hard sell to try to get you to buy products that are supposed to clean your drain. Save your money: don’t put grease down your drain. And if you have, get a video inspection and high-pressure cleaning from Central Ontario’s drain cleaning specialists, Plumbing Medic Ltd. We are local everywhere with a decentralized fleet meaning we can respond quickly to your drain cleaning needs. Call us toll-free for more information on clogged drain repair near you or to request an appointment with one of our certified drain plumbers.

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