5 Bathroom Faucet Trends for 2019

When shopping for a new faucet, you should choose one that’s both durable and meets your needs. However, it’s also important to consider its style, as the right faucet can make or break your bathroom design. For some inspiration, here are five faucet trends that are hot in 2019.

  • Black tones

With more and more people opting for a modern aesthetic in their homes, black faucets have become the new trend. They’re essential to the modern farmhouse look that’s currently in vogue. Black is visually impactful and works especially well with bold or minimalist bathroom designs.

  • Matte silver tones

Another trending colour option is matte silver. Silver is never out of place in a bathroom and it has long been the most popular colour for faucets. The latest twist on this tradition is to opt for the subdued, softer look of a matte finish (matte nickel is a good option). In addition to being esthetically pleasing, matte finishes have the advantage of hiding fingerprints, smudges and dirt better than chrome finishes.

  • Mixing and matching

Why settle for just one style? With certain faucet brands and models, you’re given the option to mix and match spouts, handles and finishes. This gives you the opportunity to create a unique faucet that suits your particular bathroom design.

  • Statement faucets

Choose a faucet that really stands out. There are lots of unique designs available. One of the most popular novelties is the “waterfall” faucet. It features a wide spout that’s open at the top, so you can see the water flow down the faucet then drop off, creating a waterfall effect.

  • High-efficiency faucets

To be environmentally conscious with your faucet choice, select a product with a flow restrictor and a low flow rate, both of which reduce water usage and waste. However, you’ll want to get help from a professional so you can be certain to choose a quality product that won’t be prone to leaks.

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