Get Rid of Grease Buildup with High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

To remove clogs in residential and commercial drains, experienced plumbers have several tools and techniques at their disposal. Among this arsenal is high-pressure drain cleaning, also called high-pressure water jetting.

What is High-pressure Water Jetting?
The method involves blasting a powerfully concentrated water stream through pipes to clear them out. A flexible hose with a specialty nozzle is fed into the pipe and water is sprayed forward and backward. The technician carefully controls the water pressure to knock loose any clogs while ensuring that pipes aren’t damaged in the process.

What Is It Used For?
High-pressure water jetting is the best way to remove grease, sludge, sand and similar materials from pipes. The concentrated stream emulsifies grease, breaks up sludge and debris, lifts hardened scale and pulverizes roots.

As buildups of this kind can happen in pretty much any drain, high-pressure water jetting can benefit both homes and businesses. In restaurants and other commercial establishments, it can be a lifesaver. As grease, sludge and other substances are part of the everyday operations of many businesses, having their pipes regularly cleared out is a must.

Residences benefit from high-pressure water jetting too but require it less often. Over time, grease and debris collect in residential drains, especially kitchen drains.

How Does It Compare to Other Methods?
Two other techniques for clearing out drains and removing clogs are drain auguring (aka snaking) and using chemical drain cleaners.

Auguring is great for dealing with solid materials such as roots, hair and paper products. However, it’s much less effective on gummy or clinging substances like grease and sand, and it won’t entirely cleanse the drain. Plus, it poses a greater risk of damaging pipes.

Using harsh chemicals to break up clogs is never a good idea. They can damage your pipes and aren’t environmentally friendly.

High-pressure water jetting tends to be the safest and most effective way to clear a drain. However, you should always rely on an expert to determine the best course of action.

Drain Cleaning in Central Ontario
At Plumbing Medic Ltd., we inspect your clogged drain with a high-tech video camera to see whether high-pressure drain cleaning is the best option and to ensure that the job is done precisely and efficiently. To make an appointment for drain cleaning with a plumber in Orillia or Newmarket or to request a quote, contact us today.