Roots In Your Drain Pipes: What You Need To Know

Are your sinks and bathtubs draining slowly? There’s a good chance that means you have a root problem. Root ingress is the number one cause of underground pipe damage.

How Roots Infiltrate Drain Pipes
Even the slightest crack or a loose joint in your underground pipes can cause the release of water vapour into the surrounding soil. Nearby roots are drawn to the moisture and oxygen escaping from the pipes and eventually force their way inside. This process can occur year-round, but is most common in spring and fall, during trees’ growth cycles.

How Root Ingress Affects Your Plumbing
Once roots have entered your underground pipes, they’ll continue to branch out, eventually obstructing the pipe and impeding drainage. The roots will collect more and more toilet paper, grease and other debris and create a complete blockage. If left unchecked, the pipe itself can rupture as the roots expand at the entry point.

How to Spot a Root Problem
If roots begin to clog up your drain pipes, you’ll likely notice one or more of the following issues:

  • Slow-flowing sink and bathtub drains
  • A gurgling sound coming from the toilet
  • Wet areas around washing machine floor drains

How to Deal with Roots
De-rooting your drain pipes is a job for an experienced plumber. They’ll gauge the extent of the problem and determine the best course of action. The most common solution involves using heavy-duty augers or high-pressure water jets. When the problem is more extensive, pipes may need to be repaired or replaced.

The longer the roots have had to branch out and grow, the more extensive and challenging the de-rooting job. If you have big trees on your property, you should get your drains checked at least every two years to ward off root ingress.

Drain Cleaning and Repair in Central Ontario
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