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Let us know if this has happened to know you. You’re listening to your mortgage broker talk to you about the equity in your home when, in mid-sentence, your eyes glaze over and you begin to hear, “Money, money, money, mortgage, interest rates, money, money.” Then something similar happened to you when you were listening […]


The new year brings with it tons of new trends. What was in vogue in 2021 might not be so fashionable in 2022. And while trying to stay on top of the latest fads and fashions can feel kind of like a bad game of “keeping up with the Joneses”, there’s nothing quite as satisfying […]


Being a homeowner is rewarding, but it’s hard work too. While decorating is fun and high-impact, more often than not, your hard-earned money is going toward things that are, well, not all that pretty. These include new shingles, replacing weathered windows, and taking care of moisture in your basement. One feature we are often asked […]


After a brilliant summer—and mercifully extended and unusually warm autumn—we’re finally headed into the grip of winter. When the weather does actually turn arctic and the ski slopes get more traffic than Highway 400, there are few comforts quite as nice as a hot shower. Unless, of course, your water heater gives out. We’ve all […]


Low water pressure in a shower can be frustrating, but the good news is that you don’t always have to call in a plumber because it is sometimes possible to deal with this problem on your own. There are several common causes of low water pressure that you can troubleshoot and repair on your own, […]


Water that doesn’t drain from your shower, sink, or toilet is never an issue you want to deal with, but life happens regardless of your wishes. If you treat your pipes with respect, you can avoid backup internally, but sometimes, it is municipal pipes causing your issues. So, what do you do then? Is there […]


If you have never heard of it, you might be thinking someone is talking about ice. But hard water is nothing of the sorts. Bad for your home, horrible to taste, and detrimental for your skin and hair – what is hard water? Should you be concerned about it? Do I need to soften my […]


It may feel like forever ago, but in 2013 Southern Ontario faced one of the worst winter storms in decades. This December storm complex came with turbulent and crippling weather, from tornadoes to ice storms, impacting nearly 1.5 million power stations across North America. With temperatures well below zero, residential blocks without power, plenty of […]


To remove clogs in residential and commercial drains, experienced plumbers have several tools and techniques at their disposal. Among this arsenal is high-pressure drain cleaning, also called high-pressure water jetting. What is High-pressure Water Jetting? The method involves blasting a powerfully concentrated water stream through pipes to clear them out. A flexible hose with a specialty […]


Are your sinks and bathtubs draining slowly? There’s a good chance that means you have a root problem. Root ingress is the number one cause of underground pipe damage. How Roots Infiltrate Drain Pipes Even the slightest crack or a loose joint in your underground pipes can cause the release of water vapour into the […]