Plastic Drain Snake vs Professional Plumber Near Me

Do you have a drain that just keeps clogging? You’ve tried drain cleaner and other DIY plumbing hacks, but it’s just not working. If you do some searching online, you’ll probably see the latest fad: drain snakes.  Also, there’s a motorized version that many plumbers use and rubber or plastic drain snakes. Have no fear, Plumbing Medic will help you decide between a drain snake and a professional plumber near you.


Some clogs are serious plumbing problems.

Whether it’s hair, food, or resin, there are many causes of drained clogs. While drain cleaners and drain snakes are only so effective. For example, you’ll probably need professional services if you have a severe grease clog. Check out our article on high-pressure drain cleaning here.

For now, keep on reading to find out more about drain snakes.

Drain Snake vs Professional Plumber Near Me

Plumber snakes are thin, flexible augers that are used to dislodge clogs in plumbing. An auger is a tool that is used for boring holes, like a corkscrew. In this case, the soft auger is used to dislodge any debris physically. There are a few different varieties of drain snakes, from manual to electric, to motorized. You’ll probably use a plastic drain snake as a DIY plumber. Usually, the more complicated machines are reserved for professional plumbers.

In some cases, a clogged drain might be too problematic even for a plastic drain snake. In these cases, you’ll require the expertise of a professional plumber. You can either rent a heavy-duty drain snake yourself, or call in for help. If you have a clogged drain that’s giving you a headache, don’t hesitate to reach out now. We’ll have your problem fixed in no time.

Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Sometimes a clogged drain can be really simple. Other times, it can be a nightmare. Here’s a quick look at the most common causes of clogged pipes:

    • Hair
    • Dirt
    • Minerals
    • Soap
    • Organic waste
    • Toilet Paper
    • Cotton
    • Small objects
    • Tree roots

Did we just say tree roots? Absolutely. As you can see, from minerals, to grease, to tiny obstructions, sometimes a plastic drain snake isn’t enough. On the other hand, for simple clogs like hair or food, they can be ideal quick solutions.

How do a plastic drain snakes work?

A plastic drain snake looks like a long zip tie with thorns or bristles. This makes it useful for plumbing, because your clog might be far down a bending pipe. It’s pretty simple. You insert the snake into your drain until you meet some resistance. Then, you wiggle it around like a mad man, hoping to either dislodge or pull up the debris. In all honesty, plastic drain snakes are a useful tool to have on hand for minor clogs. But in reality, for any major drain problems, the services a professional plumber will provide you are better and last longer.


The Problem with Plastic Drain Snakes

The worst part about plastic drain snakes is that they just don’t last. Many of the products out there are so cheaply made that they’ll only work for one clog before they’re completely destroyed. And that’s only if they work. This can be a costly investment for a clogged drain, particularly if you’ve already tried out other solutions.

Compared to the tools a professional will use, plastic drain snakes are really limited in utility. They’re often just not long or strong enough. Another factor to consider is safety and cleanliness. If you’re not sure what your clog is or how deep it goes, you might be looking at a disaster waiting to burst. In these cases, the professional tools and products a plumber will use are the best options.

Sometimes it’s best to just call in the pros.

The Benefits of a Professional Plumber Near Me

As we mentioned earlier, there are many causes of a clogged drain. Sometimes the solution can be simple, but if you’re reading this article, chances are your problem is complicated. Calling in a pro plumber is a good idea because they have all the supplies and expertise needed to fix a clogged drain. Certain problems, like grease or clogged tree roots, require professional solutions.

Plumber Medic Specialties

    • Plumbing repairs of all size
    • Pumps: Well, sewage, and sump pumps
    • Clogged and problem drains
    • High-pressure drain cleaning
    • Sewer excavation and repair
    • Same day hot water tank repairs and installation
    • Video drain inspection
    • Septic tank installation and repair
    • Bathroom and Kitchen renovations
    • Water conditioning solutions

As you can see, a pro plumber can handle a lot more than a plastic drain snake could ever hope for!

TLDR: Do Drain Snakes Work?

Plastic drain snakes can be a really useful tool to have on hand at home. For simple clogs, like hair in the shower drain, they’re great! Unfortunately, for many clogs they’re just not strong or useful enough. When dealing with something as important as you home plumbing system, it can be worth seeking out a pro plumber. Our plumbers at Plumber Medic have everything needed to fix any clogged drain.

Don’t hesitate to call us with your plumbing emergency now!